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  • Meru National Polytechnic

    Meru National Polytechnic Council Members

  • Service Construction

    Tech Magazine

    Get the first Volume, first Issue of the school magazine.

    The gratification comes from the doing, not the results
    - James Dean.
  • Meru National Polytechnic Drama and Music

    Drama, Music and Entertainment

    Join or experience the elite team of talented school drama and music team as they crack your ribs and make you get down to wonderful beats.
  • The Meru National Polytechnic Intake

    September Intake On-Going

    Join us and pursue your dream career in the courses we offer. Artisan, Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma and Short Courses.
  • Meru National Polytechnic Chill Zone

    Chill Zone

    Enjoy the spacious facility outside class for students to recap, unwide, interact, catch up and even have fun.
  • The Maeu Naional Polytechnic Course

    Gain Expertise in Water Supply and Sanitation

    Gain the enterprise level skills in water supply setup and sanitation instalition from  trainers with over 15 years experience in the industry.
  • The Meru National Polytechnic Innovation


    Meet and interact with brilliant minds in innovation, design and robotics. Get to see their incredible innovations.
  • Service Construction

    Good Food, Good Mood

    Acquire international level of skill in preparing different cuisine and show off your secret recipe
  • Service Construction

    EASTRIP Exchange Programme

    Gain expertise from other institution across the globe through exchange programmes and bring newly acquired skill home to your fellow students

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Upcoming Events


    We wish to invite eligible, competent and qualified candidates for the internship opportunities available in the institution.


    We wish to invite eligible, competent and qualified candidates for the internship opportunities available in the institution.



    Come visit us on 21st - 23rd June 2023 as we open our doors to the public and showcase what we offer (training, skills, innovations and training resources available). Get a school tour and learn.

    The JITUME program will have training taking place in the JITUME HUB from 24th Aprill 2023 to 28th April 2023. The trainees will gain experience in working online and remotely as it is aimed toward youth employment.
  • TERM I 2024 DATES

    1. New Students admission 3rd - 8th Jan 2024.
    2. Continuing Students classes start on 8th Jan 2024.
    3. New students to be given priority in accommodation
    4. Continuing students to book accommodation online

    We wish to invite eligible, competent and qualified firms to submit application for purpose of franchisng of students' kitchen premises.

    News and Events



    JITUME Launch

    JITUME Launch

    KNQA Accreditation

    KNQA Accreditation

    Staff Football

    Staff Football

    Triumps in Drama

    Triumps in Drama


    Accreditation by TVETA means that Meru National Polytechnic has met the minimum standards set by the authority for facilities, resources, curriculum, and faculty. The institution has been evaluated to ensure that it meets the necessary criteria for providing high-quality technical education and training.

    The accreditation of Meru National Polytechnic by TVETA is an assurance to students, parents, and employers that the institution is committed to providing quality education and training that meets the standards set by the authority. It also gives graduates of the institution an advantage in the job market, as employers are more likely to hire candidates who have received training from accredited institutions

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    Chief Principal
    Mr. Mutembei Kigige

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    D.Principal Administration and Finance
    Mrs. Mercy K. Kirimi

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    D.Principal Academics Affairs
    Mr. Joseph W. Ng'ang'a

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